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Jeremy Swerling, owner of iTrip Vacations Delaware Shores, knows the importance of real estate investments. He owns several rental residential properties himself and holds a real estate license. Since 2010, Swerling has served vacation rental homeowners in the areas of Bethany, Dewey, Fenwick, Lewes and Rehoboth. He provides owners a full-service program that includes: 

  • Worldwide Exposure Through 25-plus Listing Sites
  • Low Management Fees
  • Free Light Maintenance
  • No Rotation and Quick-response Systems
  • 24/7 Local Management Support
  • Owner's Portal with Online Statements and Booking Information

Because his portfolio is smaller by design, Swerling is able to provide superior personalized service, and have a more direct relationship between himself and his owners and guests than his competitors. With iTrip Vacations Delaware Shores, it's all about increasing owners' rental incomes and providing stellar service. 

Contact iTrip Vacations Delaware Shores to learn how you can maximize your rental investment!

iTrip Vacations does not sell real estate, so we don't compete with you. Instead, real estate licensees can:

1. Earn ongoing referral fees of 2% on gross rental revenue for referring owners that sign with iTrip.

2. Monitor their earnings in their dedicated Realtor portal.

3. Have their contact information appear on the home page for each property they refer, generating free sales leads.

Contact Jeremy Swerling for more information!

Request your personalized revenue forecast to see what you can earn.

Questions? Let's talk.

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Delaware Vacation Property Management LLC
3406 Janellen Dr.
Baltimore, MD

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